Advantages of Short-term Rental Apartments

rental apartment

Are you planning a business or holiday trip? For a temporary stay in Edinburgh, you can rent accommodation services on a temporary basis. Although most people think that hotels are the only properties offering a temporary stay, you will be surprised that there are vacation rentals guaranteeing a comfortable stay away from home. These apartments offer everything you need in a home. Here are some of the reasons why you should stay in a short-term rental apartment over a hotel room.


Are you concerned about your privacy while on a business trip or vacation? The only place you can be assured of privacy is staying in a rental apartment. Once rented, the apartment accessibility is limited to you and your family alone. There are no attendants to visit your apartment every now and then. Unlike a hotel room, rental apartments have several bedrooms depending on your family size.

More space

Rental apartments are more spacious than hotel rooms. You can rent a one, two, three or four bedroom apartment. They are even more spacious with a bathroom, kitchen and dining area. It is no doubt that rental apartments are executively finished to offer a comfortable and luxurious stay.

Executively furnished

Rental apartments are fully furnished with furniture, bedding, utensils and everything else a home needs. They are more comfortable than staying in a hotel room.

Low budget

Have you thought of how much you will spend staying in a hotel room? It is more expensive to stay in a hotel than a rental apartment. Comparing the two options, vacation apartments offer the best accommodation services at affordable prices. In fact, rental apartments are cheaper during off-peak seasons. You can also take advantage of vacation and holiday deals to save on accommodation.


Rental apartments guarantee comfort. Once rented, you will have the apartment until your date of departure. This provides a comfortable environment for the few days you will be on holiday.


Most hotel rooms are within bar and club areas. These places are not family friendly. If you are travelling with your family, make sure that they are protected from such exposure. Rental apartments guarantee a good stay for you and your family. They have a policy that no occupant should cause disturbance to other neighbouring occupants.


You can find a safe and secure place to stay at Short stay apartments are located in secure and gated communities. These properties are well secured from unauthorised persons. One advantage of rental apartments over hotel rooms is the guaranteed security.

Although they are readily available, it is recommended that you book your accommodation as early as possible. You are required to make a deposit prior to your arrival date for adequate preparations. Enjoy your holiday or business trip in Edinburgh by staying in one of the executively furnished apartments.


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