Essential Guide for an Adventurous Travel in Tadoba Tiger Resort

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If you are a wildlife tourist, you must follow some basic rules in the woods. When you can follow the norms strictly, you can enjoy your travel far better than you have expected. The main idea is to appreciate the importance of the forest reserves. Here are some tips that can help you to obtain an adventurous wildlife travel:

Wear Soft Colors:  While going for a wildlife travel, your dress selection is very important. You must not go for loud colors that can provide distraction for the animals. Try wearing sober colors which suit the wildlife environment properly. The climate of the forests should also be kept in mind while packing your clothes for the travel.

Follow Safety Rules:  If you are going for a jeep safari, try to follow the instructions of the chauffeur cum guide. Safety must be given much priority than the adventure when you are travelling in wild forests. Unless you are permitted, never get down from the vehicle in the midst of the forests. Generally the national parks and the sanctuaries have strict rules and they do not allow the travelers to get down from the vehicle.

Plan Photo Tours:  If you are interested in photo tours, you can contact the naturalists or the local guides who can arrange the tours responsibly. Before opting for such kind of tours, you must do a proper research regarding the professional guides. You can search for the organizations that carry out photo tours throughout the wildlife reserves and the national parks. Many wildlife tour planners can also guide you in this particular case. You can also visit for more information about various wildlife packages including the photo tours.

Maintain Silence:  Animals feel disturbed and may even hide behind if they hear some noises. You must maintain a pin drop silence when you are entering into the woods. Even if you are very excited to talk, always keep your tones very low and never shout. Silence can be considered as one of the beauties of the forests.

Don’t Wear Strong Perfume:  You should not use strong perfumes while you are on a wildlife travel. As the animals are very sensitive to smell, the strong smell can easily make them annoyed.

Pack Wise:  Try to pack your bags wisely. As forests are prone to frequent climatic changes, you must pack accordingly. If you are travelling to a monsoon prone area, never forget to pack your umbrellas and raincoats. When you are traveling in the winter, the morning safaris can be very cold. Therefore, you need to pack for that reason properly.

Do Proper Research: When you are traveling for a wildlife tour, you must do a proper research before. You should be aware of the safari timings and the best season for traveling in that particular national park or sanctuary. If you are traveling in the peak season, make sure you have booked your safari well in advance.

Tips on Wildlife Photography:  As flashes may disturb the wild animals, try to take pictures by using some smart techniques without the flashes.

Be Patient:  You must be patient if you want to observe the animals. The animals will come in front of you according to their wish and not according to your wish! So never be upset or bored if you do not get the chance of meeting them!

You must follow the safety guidelines if you want to return with good memories. Pack very light so that you remain flexible throughout the tour. Never forget to carry the water bottle and the binoculars as they are the very basic items for your wildlife safari!

Author Bio: David Hayden is a popular wildlife photographer. In this article, he is providing some tips for traveling in wildlife. To know more, you can visit

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