Infographic : New Mexico Area Code


We use them every day when we dial a phone number, yet how often do we give thought to area codes? If you keep reading, you’ll discover plenty of interesting information about New Mexico’s area codes. Despite its size, New Mexico has only two area codes, and one of them is a relatively new introduction.

Starting in 1947, 505 was the only area code in New Mexico. Today, this area code covers the more urban parts of the state, including the northwestern and central areas. As a result, 505 is the area code for some of New Mexico’s most populous cities, including the largest city in the state, Albuquerque, as well as Santa Fe and Rio Rancho. Area code 505 served the state of New Mexico for close to 60 years. However, by 2000, the demand for new phone numbers signaled that a new area code for New Mexico would soon be needed.

In 2007, the state introduced area code 575. This area code covers every part of the state outside of the 505 region. While this region is mostly a rural area, it includes some larger cities, such as Las Cruces, Roswell, and Clovis. The 575 area code was the last one in the country split from an existing area code. All other new introductions have been overlays where the new code serves the same area as the old code. Explore the following infographic to learn more intriguing facts about the two area codes that exist in New Mexico.

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