Engage Your Employees with a Self-service Portal

self-service portal

The more your company grows, the more it needs HR organisational assistance. Well-run HR departments depend on the company’s own employees to furnish the organisational help they need by increasing the communication between employees and HR and providing more transparency between HR and the employees. These forward-looking HR departments have adopted OR HRS’s employee self-service portal to help them keep employee information organised and accurate.

Empowering the Employees

By enabling the employees to update their personal and business information, you empower them to take more responsibility for the accuracy of this information. They now play a part in their own payroll, work-related documents, sick leave and holidays and have more input on these matters.

They can view tax-related information if they’re having an issue with the government without having to involve their employer’s HR department. They can also easily look up the days of the leave they have scheduled, view their social security contributions and check their attendance record.

Easing the Workload of HR

While the employee self-service portal engages the employees more, it also helps the HR department by reducing their workload. Instead of a data input exercise for every employee, the HR department assumes more of a supervisory role in ensuring all the information needed for each employee has been obtained.

The HR department can then focus on streamlining the processes involved in payroll, sick leave, and annual leave to ensure they’re serving the employees to the best of the company’s ability. Looked at abstractly, by using the self-service portal, the employees are helping to streamline the company’s processes and workflow.

The HR department has more time to devote to employee matters that directly affect the individual employee. This shows an increased level of care and concern that the employee is being treated fairly. Employees develop a greater amount of trust in the company by having an increased amount of transparency in how their personal information is handled.

This balance of trust and greater transparency can have a positive effect on company morale and increase the level of communication between management and employees.

Greater Efficiency

The other benefit to the adoption of the self-service portal is the level of accuracy in the information kept by the company. There are much less time-consuming corrections and back-tracking performed by busy members of the HR department. Employee issues can be settled quickly and fairly when the information is accepted as fact by both parties involved in a dispute.

Adopting the employee self-service portal empowers employees, increases transparency and trust, eases the workload of the HR department and increases the efficiency of the work processes involved in payroll, sick leave, and holidays. It also improves morale throughout the entire company and makes everyone feel valued and working towards a common goal.

To find out more about what the employee self-service portal could mean for your company, contact OS HRS today to make an appointment for a demonstration.

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