Finding Epoxy Flooring Help in Ocala Isn’t Hard

Epoxy Flooring

Homeowners have no shortage of experts in the area when it comes to epoxy flooring in the Ocala for garages. The treatment is so popular, there are plenty of experienced professional teams available to help do the work. While it is possible to go to a big box hardware store and get the materials, there’s no need. Instead of fussing with all the mixture, trying to figure out temperatures for the first time, getting the curing right, a professional Ocala team comes in, prepares everything correctly, and the finished product just works well.

Consumer Products Aren’t the Same as Industrial Treatment

Another aspect involves the quality of the epoxy packages used. The professional approach uses industrial grade epoxy materials, not consumer grade. Unfortunately, the latter is what is provided in hardware stores for do-it-yourself projects. While those will work, they are not the quality level of what professional teams have access to and bring to the table.

A top level epoxy package is going to have a proper mix of epoxy ingredients, but the key factor is really how the substrate is prepared first. This is the flooring that will take the epoxy as it is applied. While a home kit will advise an acid bath on the concrete to be treated, that’s usually insufficient. A professional approach actually involves a full grinding of the cement surface to completely get down to a fresh bare surface. Oil, chemicals, dirt and more from the road eventually penetrate cement and soak in. The grinding completely removes this contaminant mix, so it doesn’t interfere with the epoxy when applied.

DIY projects may miss or try to take a shortcut and not provide a full concrete treatment prior to application. What usually happens in these cases is that the epoxy doesn’t adhere correctly. Slippage happens or the curing fails. Both end up creating a project result that could be an entire waste and having to start all over again.

Take a Look by Asking for Referrals

One of the best ways to see what an epoxy treatment provides in terms of flooring is to ask for referrals for an epoxy garage floor near me who are willing to show their finished garages. Reputable garage flooring providers should be able to provide those referrals or at least photographic proof which can be verified independently. The work speaks for itself when the job is done right, and the results are definitely noticeable in a good epoxy flooring job.

Given all the Options, Epoxy Stands Out

For years, homeowners in the Ocala have tried lots of different methods of garage improvement. Everything ranging from rubber mats to vinyl flooring to industrial painting has been used. However, the one option that really stands out home after home, year after year turns out to be epoxy garage flooring. The method is durable, reliable, protective and continues to perform well under practical use. It literally hits all the big marks for a homeowner, even years after application.

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