Different Types of Geometric Tattoos To Choose From


Geometric tattoos are part of one of the most widespread trends in the tattoo world. They cover a wide range of designs and shapes, and in recent years, they have become an almost obligatory choice for those who want to get their first tattoo, representative, surprising but at the same time simple. The technique is relatively new, but it has advanced at great speed and today many of the main tattoo workshops have specialized artists or connoisseurs of the subject. What are the most widespread geometric tattoos today?


This type of geometric tattoo uses the pointillism technique to achieve very carefully-worked designs. Combining the proportion and the meticulous and detailed work of a geometric tattoo, with pointillism and its very specific techniques, the result is incredible proposals where flowers, stars, and rectangles with superimposed figures stand out.


Triangles are geometric figures with a strong symbolic weight. They can refer to the relationship between heaven and earth, body and mind, or the spiritual triad with each of its sides (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Triangles are also often chosen as a tattoo design by people of great imagination and creativity, serving as a bridge between creation and the work itself.


Another very popular style for geometric tattoos is minimalist. Here the creation of geometric figures is reduced to the minimum strokes, seeking to make the most of the small size of the tattoos together with a specific meaning or symbolism. In this variant, circles, rectangles, and triangles stand out to form more general designs.


By joining different geometric figures it is possible to represent flowers, among other designs. In this chaos, geometric flowers tend to provide a sense of control, symmetry, and order. They are very popular with young and adult women.

Body Parts

These types of tattoos also generate a very different impact according to the part of the body where they are exposed. The size and final shape of the tattoo is closely linked to the area chosen for a tattoo, so we must seriously analyze where we want to place them before finally choosing the design.


The best geometric tattoos to do on the arm include elongated and not too wide figures. In this way you can see the designs in their entirety, without having to turn the arm to make them look complete. There are numerous ways to use geometric designs to frame animals, faces, and flowers, among other elements.

The Back

The back is easily covered by different pieces of clothing, but tattoo artists can work more freely on the different portions of the back. It is an excellent area for the most creative and complex geometric tattoo designs.

The Leg and Foot

As in the arm, due to the shape of the leg, geometric tattoos are better appreciated if they are elongated and not very wide. It is an area chosen for large tattoos because they are easily covered if necessary, but can then be easily displayed with shorts or mesh. The foot is a complex work area for the tattoo artist, but with excellent results when opting for geometric designs. They cannot be very large tattoos, but they look very good if they are done with delicate techniques.


No matter, if you are doing geometric tattoos or lettering tattoos, you have to choose carefully because, for the most part, these tattoos are going to stay on you for a long time, except if you decide to remove them with laser methods. If you plan to keep your tattoos forever, then choose the style decisively and stick to it.

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