How to try before you buy even when shopping online

online shopping

One of the major disadvantages when buying things online is you don’t get to see the physical product before you’ve already bought it and it’s been delivered to your door. To avoid having to waste money or return any products you’re not happy with, here are some ways you can try before you buy when shopping online.

See whether you can log in online for free

If what you’re buying is access to something online, you might find that you can register for a free trial before having to pay any money. For example, Amazon Prime will let you register to their online streaming platform for 30 days before having to pay a single cent. This free trial gives you access to all of the same shows and movies that the paid members get to access. The only difference is if you decide the platform isn’t for you, you can cancel your membership and not have wasted any money.

Some casino websites will even offer you the chance to play without having to deposit any cash to play. There are many websites that will offer you free spins on registration with no deposit. After your free spins, if you want to continue to keep playing the games, you can then deposit however much money you’d like to play with. This is a great way of trying out a new type of casino game you’ve never played before without having to stump up any money to play it for the first time.

Use virtual reality

A great way of trying to decide whether a product is right for you before you buy is to use virtual reality. Many home improvement websites have now developed apps that use your smartphone’s camera to show you exactly how their product would look in your home. For example, you could use this to see how a couch would look in your living room before you order. You can even use apps like these to virtually paint walls different colors when you’re trying to pick out a new paint. As well as being able to predict how your home will look, some of this technology is even being used by fashion websites to show how you will look wearing certain items. Many online glasses retailers can even now show you how you will look wearing a certain frame of glasses before you order them.

Get mailed a sample

Sometimes the only way you can truly know whether what you’re buying will be right to you is to order a sample to be mailed to your home. Whether you’re about to buy some new flooring, a large roll of new fabric or even a new fragrance, it’s highly likely that the retailer will offer you the chance to order a sample either for free or for a small price. This is the best way to judge a product if you really want to see the quality of it up close.

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