6 Things You Think You Need for Your Wedding, But Don’t


Are you in the process of planning your wedding and feeling completely overwhelmed by how much you’re being told you need in order to make the day special? You are definitely not alone. The truth is that the majority of wedding ‘essentials’ that everyone talks about aren’t really ‘essentials’ at all. Here is a list of a few so-called must-haves for the big day that you can actually do without.

A sizeable guest list

You will feel a need to impress and perform on your special day when you have a massive guest list made up of people with whom you aren’t even really that close. However, when it is just your nearest and dearest in attendance, you’ll feel calm and be able to let go of any pretensions, allowing you to enjoy every moment all the more.

Plus, a smaller guest list frees up your wedding budget quite significantly. You’ll be able to treat your guests to a much more memorable experience with better party favors, an onsite event bartending company, such as eventbartenders.com, as well as heartier meal options.

makeup artist

A professional makeup artist

If you’re a Millennial, the chances are high that you’ve watched your fair share of makeup tutorials and that you’re rather adept with an eyeshadow brush and a beauty blender. Further to this, who knows the angles of your face and the colors that look stunning on your skin tone better than you do? Save your money and do your makeup yourself!

Paper wedding invitations

They’re traditional, but they certainly aren’t necessary any longer! There are much faster, eco-friendlier, and more convenient approaches to inviting your guests to your wedding these days than via paper wedding invitations. For example, rather send out your wedding invitations online. There are plenty of free and premium digital wedding invitation templates available to choose from.


With countless music streaming apps popping up for download nowadays, who needs a live DJ to play music at a wedding? You can create your own personalized playlist and save hundreds of dollars in the process. Just be sure to enquire regarding whether or not your selected venue has the technology and equipment necessary to accommodate your DIY approach to entertainment for the reception.

A bouquet

Walking down the aisle with a huge, heavy bunch of flowers just isn’t for everyone. Luckily, contrary to popular belief, a flower bouquet is not a wedding essential. There are lots of alternatives to explore, including beaded feather bouquets, parasols, embroidered hoops, stylish bridal clutch handbags, and perhaps even a fancy faux-fur muff if you’re having a winter wedding.

A dress for the reception

This is an added expense that you can and should forego. Rather choose to stay in your wedding gown for the entire duration of the event. After all, you’ll only be wearing it once in your life, so why shorten the length of time that you get to appreciate it? Happy wedding planning and may your day be as special as you hope it to be.

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