How to Keep Kids Busy During School Breaks

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Being a parent means always finding new ways to keep your kids occupied. It becomes especially difficult during the holidays, as you have to make sure they are entertained from morning until bedtime. Coloring in can only last so long! To make sure your kids don’t end up bored on the second day of their school break, here’s how to keep them busy.

Start a Fundraiser

Why not use your and your kid’s time to do something kind? Fundraisers are great fun, and they teach your kid the importance of helping those in need. You could host a yard sale, go on a charity walk, or throw a small party to raise money for a great cause. There is even the option of hosting an online fundraiser with the American Red Cross.

Find a Kid’s Club

Your community likely has several clubs running throughout the week for children. That might include a kid’s book club, a swimming group, or a basketball club. They are great for the holidays, as they give the parents a break while ensuring the kids have loads of fun and perhaps even learn a new skill.

Purchase Arts and Crafts

On the days you don’t want to go out, you can keep your kids busy by stocking up on arts and crafts. Your kid can spend their time painting, making bracelets, or even building a birdhouse! Crafts are great fun, and at the end of it, you’ll have a new item to cherish.

Go Camping

Booking a vacation isn’t always feasible during school breaks, as the costs quickly add up. A cheaper way to get out of the house for a few days is to go camping. It strengthens your kid’s relationship with nature while building lifelong skills! Just make sure to stock up on warm socks, firewood, and, of course, marshmallows to toast over the evening fire, and you will all have a blast.

Sign Up to the Local Library

Reading is one of the best ways for children to spend their time. It’s not just vocabulary skills that they will learn, but empathy, storytelling, and cognitive skills, too. For this reason, signing your little one up to the local library should be on your to-do list. Over the school break, they will have a place to go to hang out, relax, and read as many books as they desire. Best of all – it’s free!

Create a Movie List

A school break doesn’t have to be filled with creative endeavors or outdoor adventures. While some time outside is beneficial, there is also the option of creating a movie list to get through during the break. If your kid has two weeks out of school, you could write a list of six family-friendly movies they’ve been dying to see. Then, the next time they complain of boredom, you can move on to the next film on the list with some blankets and popcorn.

Keeping kids busy isn’t always easy, but these ideas will surely help you manage it during the next school break.

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