Smartwatch vs Smartband

Smartwatch vs smartband

In search of the most useful and functional wearable devices. Which one to choose between smartwatch and smartband?

It is above all a question of price, battery life, display and sensor capacity. Smartwatches are more powerful and performing than smartbands and usually have larger screens that are easier to read in sunlight.

From the cheapest smartbands …

Among the smart bands we point out those of Xiaomi . The Mi Band 5 allows you to monitor the quality of sleep and the fitness activity of the day. If you are especially interested in a device that says how much you are training without needing it to be too accurate, a smart band is fine.

With Mi Band 5 it is also possible to control notifications and the smartphone camera. Obviously the sensors of these tech bracelets are less accurate than those of the more expensive smartwatch models. There is even a cheap smartwatch to buy for around 39 euros, it’s called HayLou LS02 and its battery promises to last up to 20 days.

To the best performing smartwatches

Garmin Venu SQ is a smartwatch designed to be worn on any occasion, with long battery life (up to 6 days) and large, bright and color LCD display. It measures heart rate, stress level, residual energy to advise you when to rest, but also the goodness of sleep and even the level of hydration. The Pulse OX sensor then checks how much oxygen is in the blood.

The device tracks your performance when you play sports, allowing you to choose from over twenty different disciplines. It also suggests personalized training courses according to your favorite sport, from Pilates to cardio-fitness.

Equipped with GPS, it is able to monitor all the parameters related to health of interest, every day, 24 hours a day. Like most smartwatches, it allows you to view calls, SMS and social media notifications directly on the display. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 glass and silicone strap.

The Withings Scanwatch is an affordable mid-range smartwatch, equipped with all the latest advanced features of smart watches. These include the detection of atrial fibrillation or normal heart rhythm. Like a medical exam, the Withings Scanwatch heart scan app promptly notifies you if something is wrong.

The watch guarantees the detection of breathing disorders during sleep and any sleep apnea. There is no shortage of monitoring physical activity and rest, thanks to various sensors, including that of oxygen saturation, always medical grade. It mounts GPS and altimeter and withstands water up to 50 meters.

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