The Different Types Of Tow Trucks There Are And When They Are Used

tow trucks

Tow trucks are commonly known as vehicles which are used to pull other vehicles. They are used to haul vehicles that have broken down due to mechanical failures or that may have been in an accident. Most are privately owned who make their money by removing vehicles from roads, motorways, ditches, and various other situations. But there are some trucks, which are owned by the government and are used to patrol roads and motorways in order to help people out.

There are various kinds of tow trucks and they are hook and chain, wheel-lift, flat bed/tilt trays. Always make sure that when it comes to equipment hire, that you use the very best.

Hook and chain trucks, the archetypal tow truck, known as sling tow trucks, are not in use as much they once were. This is because they used to wrap a chain around the axle or frame of the vehicle which lead to scratches or other damage to the car. These days this kind of truck is in most cases, reserved for vehicles that have been damaged in an accident or vehicles that do not have their front wheels or their back wheels.

Wheel lift tow trucks are quite similar to the mentioned above hook and chain trucks, but they use a metal yoke instead of a chain. This yoke is hooked under either the front or the rear wheels of the vehicle which needs to be towed. With the use of a hydraulic or pneumatic hoist, the front or the rear part of the vehicle is lifted from the ground as it is towed.

Flatbed/tilt tray tow trucks contain a large empty bed on the back of the truck. Utilising hydraulics, this bed can be inclined as to forming the shape of a ramp. The vehicle can then be either easily driven up onto the flatbed or if that is out of bounds, a winch can be used to pull it into place. After the vehicle is in place, hydraulics are used once again to level out the flatbed in order to haul the vehicle. Flatbed styles are at present the preferred method for hauling vehicles, because they do not put any pressure on the vehicle or drag it for a long period of time. In this case, all of the stress is placed on the tow truck.

Flatbed/tilt tray tow trucks are becoming increasingly popular these days because

  • It’s often more economically sound than driving a vehicle to the desired location
  • Large loads can easily be transported in just one go
  • Vehicles that couldn’t be traditionally towed can now be transported easily with no qualms

This style of towing can therefore be easier and cheaper than the other kinds of towing, and it is definitely perfectly ideal for specialist industries such as construction and agriculture. Should professional and experienced in the realm of hire needs be required mining equipment hire by Total Plant Hire are experts you can trust and the people to go to for a no worries experience. Do yourself a favour. So hoping that if anything needs towing, it will be towed with expert ease and you having nothing to worry about. Truck on!

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