Real Estate Trends to Watch Out for This Year

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Agents, investors, and brokers must adapt to the changing times to thrive in the real estate industry. They must ensure that their marketing strategy is solid to cater to different clients’ mindsets, needs, and preferences. Steven Taylor Los Angeles and other real estate investors who have been in the industry for a long time must keep up with the technological progress and the consumer demands that shape real estate. Below are some real estate marketing trends to watch out for in 2021.

Virtual Tours

With the current COVID situation, many people are still working from home. This means that real estate agents are still unable to offer in-person showings and open houses. Fortunately, virtual tours are becoming more common and are a good alternative.

With platforms such as Zoom and Facebook Live, an agent can remotely showcase properties to potential buyers and answer their queries in real-time. Virtual tours keep the potential buyers safe and also generate more exposure for properties. Moreover, they boost the agent’s reputation and attract out-of-state prospects.

Marketing Automation

Real estate marketers can automate their time-consuming tasks and focus on closing deals instead of impractical efforts. The industry has plenty of marketing automation tools for nearly everything, including social media ads, email funnels, and lead generation forms. There are also third-party marketing agencies that offer software designed precisely for the real estate niche. Some of the most common software include SpacioLionDesk, and Follow Up Boss.

Content Marketing

COVID-19 pandemic has made real estate agents shift to affordable real estate marketing ideas. They need to reduce spending since the industry is facing lots of uncertainties. Direct marketing is now becoming a thing of the past, and agents are investing more time in producing quality content for consumers. Marketers now use blogs, YouTube, and webinars to inform the consumer about products and services.

Aerial Drones

Potential buyers want to see the neighborhood they will invest in before they view the inside of the property for sale. An aerial drone provides them with a clear view of the local amenities such as schools, hospitals, businesses, etc.

The pandemic has made it hard for property buyers to visit properties. Therefore, aerial drones are great for photography and videography. When marketers produce videos and pictures, they share them on social media to sell the area’s lifestyle. This is an excellent strategy for saving time and reducing in-person meetings.

Virtual Staging

Many things have gone virtual in 2021, including house tours. Virtual staging has also become a common trend this year. Staging a home costs a lot of time and money; therefore, realtors are turning to virtual staging where they use 3D simulation to add furniture, change the color of the walls and add window treatments to a room in just a few clicks. Moreover, virtual staging allows realtors to create different looks targeting different buyers. Whether the potential buyer wants a bachelor’s pad or a family home, virtual staging will make it easy for you.

The real estate market has always been in flux. Steven Taylor LA and other investors are working tirelessly to buy and sell properties. However, things don’t stay stagnant, since the industry is highly localized, and different cities have different conditions.

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