The Best Creative Hobbies for Movie Lovers


If you have a passion for movies then there is a wide range of hobbies that you may enjoy (in addition to watching films). One of the greatest aspects of film is that it is the combination of so many different disciplines to create something singular, so there are lots of different areas that you may have an interest in if you have a passion for movies. So, if you are looking for a fun new hobby to try then read on for a few ideas that will hopefully inspire you to try a new activity and enjoy the benefits that this can bring to your life.


Animation has always been popular in film and there have been some truly astonishing developments made in recent times by studios like Pixar. Learning how to animate can be incredibly rewarding and a combination of creativity with technical skill, plus there are no limitations as to what you can do when it comes to animating. Learning to animate will certainly give you a greater appreciation of the medium including Disney films from the 1950s all the way through to today’s classics.



Many people that have a passion for movies have dreamed of making their own movie. Screenwriting is a highly creative hobby that allows you to get your ideas down on paper and create entirely new stories and worlds – it is also something that anyone can get started with but you can also take courses to develop your skills and perhaps one day even make your own film.

Music Production

A film score can have a huge impact on many aspects of film, including emotion, drama and tension. If you are a musical person, you are sure to appreciate a good film score and you may find that writing your own score to one of your favourite films to be a creative and rewarding activity.

Special Effects

Special effects can really bring a film to life and it is an area that is one of the most creative in the filmmaking industry. You can try your hand at this by making props, masks, costumes and anything else that appears in films with polyurethane foam to create realistic effects and the options are endless for the kind of props that you could create with this material.


Editing is the glue that holds a film together and pivotal for shaping the story, retaining interest and building drama – despite this, good editing tends to go unnoticed is it is an art form that is appreciated best by those with a passion for film. Learning how films are edited and experimenting with your own editing will give you a much greater appreciation for this impressive art form and you will be able to see films in an entirely new light. If you have a passion for film then these are all activities that you might find that you enjoy. There are so many different disciplines that go into filmmaking which means that those that have a passion for film often have additional interest in many other creative avenues that are worth exploring.