Benefits of Being a Cat Owner


Certainly, one of the most popular pet varieties that you can own, cats are fantastic creatures, and there are so many advantages to being a cat owner. If you have never owned one before or you have always been a dog person in the past, perhaps the following blog post will give you some “paws” for thought!

Cats are Low Maintenance Pets

For people who have always owned dogs, you will be pleasantly surprised by the relatively low maintenance requires to take care of cats. On the other hand, if you have never had a pet before,this article tells you more about understanding the definition of first time cat owner. Cats take care of all their own grooming, and you do not even have to worry about their bathroom activities if you allow them to go outdoors. Also, they tend to be more independent and are ideal for people who are looking for their pets to be a little less ‘needy’.

Cats are Great Apartment Pets

A lot of people live in towns and cities these days in smaller spaces which are unsuitable for dogs. When it comes to choosing an apartment pet, a cat can prove to be the better choice. Even if you have a very small apartment, you can make the most of any vertical space available to allow your kitty to engage in their natural climbing instincts. In this situation, they will use litter boxes, and there is no need to bring them out to the bathroom multiple times every day.

Cats are Independent

We touched on the independence point earlier on, but there is certainly an advantage to pets that look after themselves – particularly if you are out of the house for long periods. Many cats are happy to be left alone and will spend a lot of the time sleeping anyway! Often, you can enjoy a cat without needing to be too directly involved with them. Just sitting and enjoying watching the TV together can prove to be more than enough for them!

Cats Can Reduce Stress

Owning cats can have a positive mental health benefit. Studies have shown that the calming effect they have can prove to be significant, which is so useful for people who live busy and stressful lives. Other studies have shown that felines can help to reduce your blood pressure levels, which can reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack.

Cats Have a Long Lifespan

The worst part about owning a pet is knowing that one day you are eventually going to lose them. While you cannot avoid this heart-breaking experience, you can take comfort in knowing that cats are creatures with a relatively long lifespan. They can live well into their teens and even twenties – especially if they are kept indoors. So, if you have never owned a cat before, this article may well have convinced you that the time has come to add a feline friend to your life!

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