An SEO Agency in Malaysia Can Help Drive Sales

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These days, many brands are expecting their business to rebound as the pandemic eases and more people are spending money, both in stores and online. An SEO agency in Malaysia can ensure that your brand’s website, ecommerce platform and marketing plan are ready to take advantage of more shoppers.

Many brands aren’t aware that SEO isn’t something that can be performed once and then forgotten about. SEO is a term that covers a lot of necessary tasks to increase your brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately, improve your conversion rate and sales.

Ongoing Exercise

The business side of the internet within your industry is a constantly evolving entity where one of the most important aspects is where your website ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs). The common figure often cited for why it’s important to have an ongoing SEO programme on your site is 70%. That’s the number of users who never venture beyond the first page of rankings. That number stays fairly constant whether you’re talking about regional or worldwide rankings.

This means that unless your site shows up on the first page of SERPs, your brand will always be playing second fiddle to your competitors. It will always have less brand awareness and enjoy fewer online conversions and sales.

The only way to ensure that your site is consistently in the top rankings is to partner with an experienced SEO agency in Malaysia.

Ebb and Flow

The reason why SEO is not a one-time exercise is because of the dynamic business nature of the internet. Your brand’s ranking is decided by the Google bots that comb the net looking for other brands that offer the same services and products as yours. They group all these businesses into the same category and rank the sites based on multiple factors. Some of the factors guaranteeing a high ranking include:

  • Fast site loading speed
  • Lack of any broken links
  • A high amount of traffic
  • New, relevant and informative content
  • Links directing traffic back to your site

These are some of the obvious elements that managers and owners can relate to. There are some subtle factors to be considered as well. These include:

  • Having mobile formatting
  • Lack of keyword stuffing
  • Having proper meta descriptions
  • Having a reasonable amount of H1 tags
  • Having alt tags on all your images

Your site’s ranking is determined by the total ranking of all these different elements and more. But that just determines your basic ranking. SEO is an ongoing necessity because all your competitors are trying to improve their ranking as well. This makes your business category a non-stop race for the top ranking. The number of competitors you have defines the amount of ongoing effort you’ll have to devote to SEO.

Primal is an award-winning SEO agency in Malaysia. We can ensure that you increase your brand exposure, improve your conversion rate and reach the audience you need to reach. Contact us to learn more about the importance of SEO in maintaining a top page ranking.

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