How To Protect Your Personal Information

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Your personal data can be found everywhere, from your favorite shopping website to your bank statement. Thieves can steal this information from you and use the information to put you in a scary financial situation. Going the extra mile to protect your name, social security number, and credit card numbers will give you peace of mind that your money is safe. Here are a few ways to keep these items secure.

Dispose Of Extra Files

Erase the hard drive of your cell phone or computer when you get a new one. While you may believe what you have on it is safe when you throw it out or turn it in, your bank information and personal information can remain deeply hidden on the hard drive. A technology expert can extract these numbers and use them instead of you. If you have paperwork that has this sensitive data on it, break the sheet down to small pieces before tossing it. Make an appointment with one of your local shredding companies fort lauderdale when you are ready to dispose of a large quantity of physical files, such as tax paperwork or personnel files for your business.

Set Up Passwords On Your Accounts

Establish a login and password for every account that you have. When you think of a passcode for yourself, be sure that it is one that you alone know and that it is difficult enough that someone else will have an issue guessing it. Use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Change your password every few months to prevent outside interference from breaking into your information. You should also do this with your computer and cell phone. Put a lock screen on the device so that when it is booted up, a code must be put in to enter. These systems carry a great deal of sensitive information that you might be unaware of. These security measures will halt thieves from accessing it.

Be Aware Of Where You Find the Internet

Many facilities now offer free WiFi to their customers. However, these outlets may lack the security that you need to protect your information while you are on it. Hackers and other threats to your cybersecurity can see what you are doing while you are surfing web pages on your device.  Save any purchase that you plan to make or avoid using your personal information until you get home and have the security of your own internet.

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