Deciding whether to buy a new or used yacht for sale in Thailand is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. There are many pros and cons for purchasing either a new or used yacht, so you should weigh your options carefully. Getting into yachting takes a significant investment, and its best to know what’s the most cost effective way to own your very own boat. The following are some of the advantages of buying a used yacht.

Pros of a Used Yacht

The main advantage of purchasing a used yacht is its shorter purchase process. With a used yacht, it’s possible to be able to cruise the yacht during the same season, there is no need to wait several years after purchase before being able to go out on the water. Another advantage of buying a used yacht is its lower cost. New yachts cost more but it is possible to find a beautiful pre-owned boat in excellent condition, and this would save you a lot of money for other purchases.

One further advantage of buying a used yacht is that it depreciates slower. Most of the depreciation in a yacht’s value comes in the first few years, whereas if you buy a used yacht and sell it years later you should receive a much larger percentage of your purchase back. This makes used yachts more economical compared to purchasing a new yacht.

In addition to the slower depreciation, choosing among used yachts for sale in Thailand means you have a much larger selection of yachts to choose from. There are various models and builds of yachts that you can choose from if they are used compared to the few models available when purchasing a new yacht. You may not be able to choose which features get installed on the boat, however you can also find a yacht with almost everything you need already installed.

One unique advantage that used yachts have over new yachts is that used yachts have already proven their seaworthiness. This means that there are potentially fewer bugs and other surprises. You can find amazing deals if you can check the yacht top to bottom and make sure you know what problems might exist. Pre-owned yachts are an excellent choice for anyone who will put the time and resources to know what you’re buying first.

Professional yacht brokers are a good resource for finding your perfect yacht. That’s why Boat Lagoon Yachting is a good place to start in choosing a used yacht for sale in Thailand as they are the leading boat brokerage in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

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