5 Tips To Express Your Individuality With Makeup


Makeup is more about looking pretty and dressing up. In recent years, makeup trends have shifted towards bold statements, self-expression, and defying norms. People of all genders and sexual identities have been claiming the space to defy gender stereotypes, and have been using the power of their creativity to make bold statements that have an impact on their audience.

Countless beauty and makeup influencers use their platforms to spread awareness about global issues, and their art contains a message. They talk about the things that are important to them, and these trends are seeping into our very lives as well.


People are getting more and more creative and expressive with the makeup they wear, and even more are beginning to wonder how they can use it as a tool to feel more like themselves. If you’re one of those people, keep reading. We have five tips to share that will help you express yourself with your makeup!

1.   Don’t Take Trends Too Seriously

Some makeup looks are timeless, but with social media and platforms like TikTok being heavily involved in the space, beauty trends and fashions keep evolving and changing so fast people can barely keep up.

Don’t get too caught up with trying to do the perfect instagram makeup every day, and instead focus solely on makeup that makes you feel good and confident about yourself. Everything isn’t meant to suit you, and you don’t necessarily have to step out of your comfort zone to cater to viral beauty trends.

2.   Be Proud of Your Culture

In today’s world, your culture and your roots are a very important part of your identity. Countless ethnic cultures and black, South Asian, and East Asian beauty trends influence modern makeup styles.

The reverse cat-eye trend, for example, is based on the “kohl” or “Kajal” that Arab and South Asian women have been using since forever.

If you want to feel a sense of belonging and connection to your roots, let some of your cultural heritage seep into your makeup, and then give it your own touch. This way you’re reclaiming and declaring who you are and where you come from to the world, and there is immense power in that.

3.   Do What Makes You Feel Like Yourself

When you’ve been told all your life that you’re supposed to look a certain way and wear certain things, you tend to get lost in all that and forget to think about what feels right. If this sounds familiar, maybe you need to take a step back and re-imagine your whole look.

Remind yourself that you are now in charge of how you look and find out whether it’s simple makeup that accentuates your natural charm or bold looks that make a statement that makes you feel happiest.

Experiment with different styles and colors and even products, and then see what works for you. Focus on what you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror, and if this is how you want to feel every day.

4.   Create a Signature Look

What’s better to show your individuality with than your own signature look? If you want, you can try to develop a makeup look that is so uniquely yours that it reminds people of you even when they spot it on someone else.

This also ties in with our advice not to take makeup trends too seriously – they are fluid and will always change, but if you focus instead of making something that’s yours and yours alone, your confidence will never fluctuate depending on whether the makeup trends that are “in” these days suit you or not.

5.   Don’t Take Criticism to Heart

Everyone hopes one day for a world where people have fewer opinions and more compassion, but until that day comes there will always be someone who has an opinion on your new looks and your new style.

Some might have a lot of constructive criticism to offer, but don’t listen to people who feel like makeup is about following trends more than it is about expressing yourself.

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