Benefits of Taking Care of Your Skin During the Pandemic

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The pandemic has and will continue to be hard on everyone. We are living through a historical event in human existence, but that does not make day to day life any easier. Everyone should be doing their part to stay safe and keeping everyone else safe by following local health orders. However, following local health orders commonly means staying home as much as possible right now to slow the spread of the virus so your healthcare system can at least try to keep up.

Staying home all the time could be a dream come true for some or an isolating prison for others, but some people may also think that since no one is going to see them, skincare is acceptable to put by the wayside. It is easy to lose your motivation while staying home most of the time, but there is still plenty of reason to continue your skincare routine even during the quarantine. Times are tough, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up things you enjoyed as part of your daily life before the pandemic hit in earnest. Your skin will always be with you, so you should take care of it, even in the middle of a historic pandemic. 

A Regular Skincare Routine Is Important

skincare routine

Before the pandemic and stay at home orders hit, most people had a daily skincare routine that worked. However, since the pandemic has continued, more and more people are losing motivation to continue their otherwise normal routines. Stopping some habits or routines are not so bad for you, but your skin does not enjoy sudden changes or stops. If your skin has been used to a regular routine for a long stretch of time, suddenly stopping your routine is bound to cause skin issues. If your skin is no longer getting the nutrients and moisture it used to from your skincare routine, then you can expect your skin to change as it responds to the new situation. The first thing you may notice is that your skin is far more dry than usual; this effect will be even more pronounced if you live in an arid and hot climate. 

If you have lost your motivation to continue your normal skincare routine, you can scale your routine down into something more manageable in the morning and night of each day. Double cleansing is still considered the best practice for daily skincare with a moisturizer to keep your skin nice and bouncy. Exfoliation once a week, face masks, oils, spot treatments, and more are all extra steps you can add to a routine but are not always needed in a simple daily skincare routine.  

Check Your Products

The middle of a pandemic when no one is going outside much is the perfect time to take stock of your current skincare and makeup products. Do you have a mascara that is severely out of date? That expired product could be contributing to itchy eyes and other issues. Also, look at the ingredients list for products that go on your skin.

Science has uncovered a lot about different ingredients that you might not have known when you bought products last. Throw out any products that are past their best by date, but you should also toss products with added fragrance or non-FDA certified basic dyes or colorants. Added fragrances and dyes are often nothing more than marketing lures that provide no benefit to your skin. Some of these added ingredients can negatively react with your skin, making them risky for your skin even if they are pretty products. 

Force Yourself To Do Something

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Motivation to do a variety of things is a significant struggle for millions of people right now. Whether you have lost the motivation to work out, do your skincare routine every day, or anything else you used to do, there are some psychological tricks you can use to get back on track. If you want to force yourself to workout, change into workout clothes, so you are that bit closer, which means you might as well workout. The same idea applies to skincare routines. Put an alarm in your bathroom, so you have to get up and turn it off every morning, and now that you are in the bathroom, you might as well wash your face. When you are working on getting back on track, you should use simple skincare routines rather than 12 step expert routines. There are even skincare kits with everything you need for a simple twice a day routine that will keep your skin healthy. 

Keeping up with your skincare routine during a pandemic may feel pointless, but you should continue your routine to keep your skin healthy even if you aren’t going outside or wearing much makeup. Take care of your skin during these stressful times, check your old products to make sure they are not expired and don’t have harmful ingredients, and find ways to make yourself start your routine again so you can get back to happy and healthy skin. 

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