Healthy Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Women

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A quick search online for the advantages of intermittent fasting brings out various scientific studies. These talk about intermittent fasting having such positive effects as enhancing our general health as well as reversing disease processes. Specifically, they report about benefits related to weight loss, aging, metabolic health, cognitive functions, and osteoarthritis symptoms. Let us see the surrounding issues, including the definition and the background of intermittent fasting. After mentioning a wide array of benefits, the pros and cons of this kind of fasting in the case of women will be discussed. 

Definition And Background

Intermittent fasting refers to the voluntary scheduling of meal timing that alternates between reduced and normal calorie intake. Fasting can occur from 12 hours to even several days on a recurring basis. There are various approaches to it depending on the individual’s needs and requirements. The common idea behind all approaches is restricting the intake of calories. This happens so that you can enjoy broad-spectrum benefits in terms of your health span due to the reduced production of free radicals. If you think back how the situation was with our ancestors, you find more than one legitimate argument for intermittent fasting. Namely, our ancestors did not have the luxury of three meals per day with intermittent snacking.

Food was sparsely available. Plus, their life was anything but sedentary. Ongoing research in the area consistently brings out positive results even though our sex, diet, and genes may be unknown variables influencing the outcome. The concepts of ketogenesis and metabolic switch deserve mentioning. The former is responsible for supplying energy to the brain, the heart, and the skeletal muscles. One of the best times for ketogenesis to occur is when you fast. Metabolic switching refers to the process whereby fatty acids break down instead of carbs. This helps in preserving the muscle mass and function.


The benefits of intermittent fasting can be of three types. They can be related to stress resistance, health and aging, and cognitive functions. In terms of stress resistance, intermittent fasting affects virtually every organ of ours resulting in robust resistance on the level of our cells. A tangible example would be that intermittent fasting can provide protection against cancerous growth. As for health and aging, intermittent fasting seems to have more benefits than simply the reduction of calorie intake. Reversed insulin resistance and massive weight reduction are just two of the very pleasant side effects. Your cardiovascular health is also affected. Be ready for normal blood pressure, resting heart rate, and balance in your cholesterol levels. The symptoms of autoimmune diseases, like multiple sclerosis, respond well to intermittent fasting too in a relatively short time. Its inflammation-reducing properties are rather promising for our general well-being. With regard to cognitive effects, intermittent fasting is linked with improved verbal memory, executive function, and global cognition.

Fasting For Women

Yeast overgrowth is more common among women. Thus, they can take advantage of intermittent fasting as one of the strongest candida killer tools. More generally, fasting for 24 hours is shown to boost regeneration of gut stem cells. The latest trend is fasting for gut health specifically. However, be aware that in the case of women, more sensitivity to calorie restrictions is reported than in men. Before you try intermittent fasting, consult your doctor or dietitian. Ensure that your blood sugar level, your menstruation cycle, and your bone health are normal. For women, a modified regimen can do the trick. Consider shorter fasting periods or fewer fasting days. Switching to an intermittent fasting regimen, hunger, irritability, and a reduced ability to concentrate are initial concomitants to the process. Are you a working mother, who has to take care of the family and run a household too? It may not be advisable for you to start strict fasting in times of relatively big stress.

Intermittent fasting has enough proven positive effects for anyone to want to try it. Who would not want an improved memory, better gut health, or a more youthful look? There are stricter and milder regimens, and women should double-check which one is suitable for them in particular. There are numerous resources that you can consult. You may also find various approaches, such as the 5:2 Diet, Leangains, Eat Stop Eat, and the Dubrow Diet. Take your pick and enjoy the best results.

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