3 Ways To Make Your Living Room More Functional

living room

The living room is often the heart of the home, where family memories are made, evenings are leisurely spent and company comes and goes. This critical room rarely gets the attention it needs to make it as functional as it deserves to be. Here are a few ways to maximize the versatility of your living room.

Make it Mobile

One of the most challenging aspects of many living rooms is the sheer weight and bulkiness of the furniture therein, making it difficult to switch up the arrangement for gatherings or even to clean the room properly. To eliminate this challenge, simply add heavy duty casters to the base of the pieces, and voila: your room can be rearranged at the drop of a hat.

Skip Some Furniture

If you’re looking to open up space in your living room for hobbies or make it easier to accommodate guests, consider kicking out your coffee table. This seemingly mandatory piece often takes up valuable square footage and limits the possibilities of the space, or at the very least it becomes a dumping ground for unsightly clutter. Try moving it temporarily to another room to decide if you can do without it. You might find that simply having end tables (or even folding tables that can be tucked away after use) allows you to keep your couchside necessities close by without sacrificing floor space to a larger table.

Add Storage Space

When you’re buying pieces for your living room, choose ones with built-in storage: think sofas with under-cushion compartments, or ottomans that open up to reveal a hidden space. These are a great place to keep spare blankets, sheets, linens or even off-season decor. Choose end tables with shelves (or consider using a storage unit itself as a stand-in end table) to get even more junk out of the way. Finally, try adding a few hooks to the wall or to the side of a large piece of furniture — this is a handy place to stash a few living room essentials while keeping them out of the way.

With a little bit of thought, your living room can become even more functional than it already is. You can make it feel more open, organized and versatile by clearing the clutter, making the most of your furniture and expanding your storage options in order to turn your cozy living room into a true oasis.

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