4 Tips for Selecting an Artificial Tree

Artificial Tree

Did you know that more than 80% of homes put up an artificial Christmas tree during the holiday season, according to an American Christmas Tree Association Nationwide Survey? These trees come in a range of options, which makes picking the right one difficult. If you are in search of an artificial tree that will help put you and your family in the holiday spirit, here are four tips that will help.

Conduct a Google search

There are several lists of the best artificial Christmas trees from a range of reputable sources. These lists will often provide you information about the best options at different price levels, what options are the most realistic and which options last the longest. At the same time, they will provide reviews, such as Balsam Hill reviews, for different artificial tree brands.

Check out the online reviews

This is perhaps you will get the best insight into whether or not an artificial tree will bring the holiday spirit to your house. These reviews will give you some insight into what real customers thought about the look of the tree, size of the tree, the smell of the tree, and fullness of the tree. If you’re not sure where to find trustworthy reviews, websites such as Houzz.com are a great place to find different customer insights, such as Balsam Hill professional reviews.

Measure your space

Whether you are selecting a real or artificial tree, it’s important to know how much room you’re working with. You don’t want your tree to be so small that it’s overwhelmed by everything around it. But you also want to be sure that it will fit in the perfect spot you’ve selected as the center of the holiday season. When measuring the space where your tree will go, make sure you think about height and width.

Consider your materials

There are a lot of artificial tree options out there, and you’ll need to decide which material will work best for you and your family: PVC or polyethylene (PE). Both have pros and cons. For example, PVC tends to hold its color better and is also fire resistant. PVC, however, tends to look faker than PE options because of how the branches and needles are made. Once you select a material, you’ll need to make decisions about whether or not you want a pre-lighted tree, the number of branches or attachments you want, and if you want an attached tree stand.

The holiday season comes quickly. Taking the time to research your different artificial tree options will take away some of the stress that many of us experience.

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