Estimate the Cost of a Kitchen Renovation


If you are planning on renovating your kitchen, then you have probably thought about how much it will cost. Online resources give wide ranges that are rightfully dependant on tons of factors. How can you determine where in that range your renovation will fall? Most people will not go through every cost before starting the project, and surprises always happen. For a good baseline to start your budget, focus on getting estimates for these four areas. 


Kitchen cabinets are one of the larger budget items and vary greatly depending on the details. First, decide on either custom, semi-stock or pre-fabricated cabinets. Custom cabinets Milwaukee WI are the most expensive, but also offer the most options. With custom cabinets, you are not limited to standard sizes, colors or layouts. Pre-fabricated cabinets are the least expensive, but you need to work within standard cabinet depths, and colors. Semi-Stock cabinets are pre-fabricated cabinets that are modified according to your preferences. With these, you can request different sizes and colors, but they take a long time to make. The price of semi-stock cabinets is in the middle of the custom and prefabricated ones.


Appliances are important if you are concerned with resale value. Buyers want stainless steel and updated styles. Save money on appliances by buying them in bundles. If you are looking for an area to splurge, choose built-in appliances and a counter depth refrigerator. 


Countertops can make or break a kitchen. They also vary greatly in cost, depending on what material you choose. When deciding on a countertop, consider the durability and level of maintenance that works for you. Some of the most expensive choices are the hardest to maintain. A beautiful countertop can sell a house, so this is a choice that can be bold and memorable. Don’t forget to include installation when working on this budget item. 


If you are planning on changing the layout of your kitchen, then those costs should be calculated sooner than later. Changing plumbing and electrical work can be expensive. One small layout change can cost thousands of dollars. It is estimated to cost between $800 and $20,000 to add a kitchen island, depending on if a sink or stovetop is added. Walk-in pantries are a popular feature and cost approximately $1000 to $6,500 to install. 

With these four amounts calculated, you will have a much better idea of how much to budget for your renovation. 

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