What You Need To Know About Vinyl Flooring


Mention the words vinyl floor and you may immediately think of the linoleum that your grandmother had in her kitchen when you were growing up. Many perceptions of vinyl floors are based on this out-dated notion. Modern vinyl floors are much different, and there are a variety of options available for different rooms in the house. If you are considering replacing a floor covering, take a look at the different factors associated with vinyl flooring, and find out what you need to think about when you are choosing this versatile flooring as an option.

Vinyl Flooring: Things to Consider

When you are looking at vinyl flooring, think about where exactly you will be installing it as this will naturally affect the style and the type of flooring you choose. What is the function of the room? Will it be heavily used? What is the décor currently in the room? What is your budget for installing this flooring in this room? Once you have to answers to these questions you will be able to see more clearly which the right vinyl floor option for you is.

Think Inlaid or Printed

This refers to the way colour granules are fixed to the luxury vinyl flooring. They may be embedded into the flooring, which is called inlaid. With this option you have more choice of colours and the colour looks more deeply embedded into the floor. With printed vinyl the pattern and colours are printed directing onto the surface of the flooring. You can get a wide variety of shades and colours with this option, and can even get vinyl flooring the replicates the look of traditional wood.

Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring can come in tiles, sheets, or planks. Tiles are a good option when you want to replicate the look of stone or marble, for example in the bathroom. Sheets are good for areas that get a lot of water spillage and they are easily installed. Planks are perfect when you are replicating the look of natural wood.

Also, vinyl flooring comes in different types of wear layer. This is a classification of the amount of wear the flooring can usually withstand, with grading going from the heaviest which is a 1, and this grading would be most suitable for high traffic rooms and areas in the house. When installing vinyl flooring you need to think about these various options, and decide how best vinyl floors will fit into your budget and your home. A modern vinyl floor is much different from the old vinyl flooring options of the past and can provide a modern and versatile floor covering for many rooms and many styles of décor.

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