Improve Your Game with Sport Specific Personal Training


When you participate in a sport consistently, no matter your level, there will likely come a point where you wish to improve your abilities. No matter your reason: whether it’s just to lose weight, improve your physical shape, or to perform better as an athlete, there are many effective techniques that can guide you into a better body and better athletic performance. With that said; however, you should also bear in mind that practice does not always make perfect. While consistency and dedication are absolutely vital to improvement, the more you work and train at a sport does not necessarily mean the more likely you are to improve at it. If you are consistently training in the wrong manner, your performance may stagnate, or even worse, you may actually be causing yourself more harm than good. Many individuals turn to a sports specific personal trainer to ensure they are effectively improving their skills and fitness –in a matter that will help, not hinder, their abilities. There are many reasons for using sports specific training to improve your game. Read below to find out more!

1.Provides Focus

Although some sports may be similar in nature, all sports are unique in their own right and utilize different muscles and skillsets. It is therefore important to make sure that if you are an athlete, no matter your level, and you wish to improve your performance, the muscles you train the same muscles you’ll use come game or race day. Sports specific workouts focus on the muscle groups that are going to be worked hardest during a competition, ensuring you maximize improvement for the time you put in.

It is imperative that you seek professional guidance from a trained fitness instructor knowledgeable in sports specific training techniques for these workouts to truly succeed and give you the results you want. Look for personal trainers near you that concentrate on these unique techniques, like Eagle Ridge Fitness, a fitness facility located in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. A personal trainer that specializes in your sport will ensure you understand which muscles are used in the sport you play and will help you to focus on strengthening these muscles in a fun and safe manner. Contact Eagle Ridge Fitness if you are interested in learning more about the techniques these types of programs commonly offer.

2. Remain Injury Free

In addition to strengthening and improving the performance of muscles used on game day, it is important to ensure these muscles can resist injury as well. Therefore, it is vital to make sure these muscles are as flexible as possible, as inflexible muscles are prone to sprains and tears. Sports specific training is commonly used to improve the flexibility of these muscles and to keep athletes out of the doctor’s office and on the field.

3. Improves Endurance

Many sports specific trainers are actually strength and conditioning coaches – this means athletes will be in peak condition to not just play harder, but also to play longer. Competitions can be quite long, and it doesn’t matter how fast you start, if you can’t finish strong as well. Make sure you have the competitive endurance to keep up with your teammates and your competition with sports specific training.

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