Marketing Tips to Drive Small Business Sales


Small businesses have plenty of uphill battles to fight to stay afloat in a world with ever-growing competition and technological advances. Small companies do not have the vast resources, connections, and safety net larger companies enjoy, which means small businesses are even more risk-averse as one failed risk could end the industry. When small businesses have such a small margin for success or failure, they must use the best methods to get the desired results as fast as possible. Marketing is the best avenue to bring in new customers and expand your brand’s reach, but marketing is not as straightforward as flipping a switch. Marketing encompasses a vast host of practices and strategies that all work together to help the business. At the same time, there are too many marketing tactics to explain to everyone. The most important and immediately applicable tips and tricks are described below.

Ask For Feedback From Current Customers

One of the best ways to see what your current customers and potential future customers want is to ask them for feedback. Most customers will not reply, but some will and will offer good insights into what it is like to be a customer of your brand. Take suggestions to the heart rather than seeing them as attacks on your business. Everyone wants your business to be the best it can be, so take a hard look at what your customers are asking for and see if it is feasible to use that feedback. Look at your business data, customer feedback, and any plans you already had in the works to determine if the customer suggestions are worth incorporating.

Use A Variety Of Outreach And Marketing Methods

Marketing is how you attract new customers or alert old customers to a new promotion, but all marketing’s end goal is to lead customers towards completing transitions. There is no one type of marketing as the different types and methods fit different situations. Other customers prefer different marketing methods, and it does you no good to send the same outreach to every potential customer. The shotgun approach may cover many grounds, but you will reap lackluster results if you don’t put more effort into crafting and targeting your marketing materials.

Make full use of direct response marketing, social media posts, paid ads, email newsletters, physical mailers, and more to get the word out about your business to as many different people and places as possible. You should also respect the differences between marketing content types as a post that does well on Twitter might not receive the same engagement if you copy and paste it into an email. Use your customer data to find out what customers prefer what types of ads to maximize your efforts.

Learn From Successful Competitors

Every business will compete in the same market, local area, industry, and customer base, but not all rival companies are evil entities you must crush. Many businesses learn from each other and iterate on ideas they first saw somewhere else. If a competitor recently launched a new ad campaign that pulled in far more engagement than usual, look at the drive to see what worked and how you can use the successful elements in your marketing efforts. There is no shame in copying successful tactics so long as you make them your own to suit your brand.

Good Customer Service Acts As Marketing With Word Of Mouth

People trust other people more than they will trust marketing copy from a business. If a friend said they had a good experience with a brand, that person is more likely to shop with that brand in the future. While selling good products can encourage word-of-mouth marketing, you should also consider how your customer service affects what customers tell other people.

If a customer talks with your customer service agents and quickly gets the issue resolved, that customer is more likely to tell other people about how good the service was even after a purchase. Do not forget that the customers who come to your customer service agents are still customers that can take away sales or bring you more, so put effort into making sure your customer service is above average at a minimum. If you want to focus on other core tasks on your business, you can also choose to work with a call center in the Philippines. Some businesses find this helpful and cost-effective since they won’t have to invest on new equipment and train employees on customer service. With outsourcing to a top BPO company, they are sure that all customers’ concerns are being handled by professionals.

Life as a small business is hard, and they must use every advantage they can get to stay afloat in an ever-expanding commerce space. There are thankfully many ways small businesses can use marketing tactics to bring in new customers. Ask for feedback from your customers to see what improvements they want. Use a wide variety of marketing methods to attract different types of customers from other places, learn from your competitors, and boost your customer service so customers share good reviews of your services.

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