The Best Way to Store Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay is something everyone can enjoy. It is a practice that can help everyone wind down, indulge in a bit of fun escapism, and can bring people together in a like-minded community.

What is essentially fancy dress, cosplay can mean much more, and a tremendous amount of time and effort goes into making the outfits that make their debut at conventions and the like for others to admire or envy.

If you are someone who regularly participates in cosplay, then there is a good chance you are starting to have a stack of special costumes. If you are just beginning out and have worked hard on your first outfit, you might wonder how you can keep it safe.

Either way, this piece will help a beginner to expert cosplay participants learn how to store their costumes, so they can be reused again and again.

Get it Covered

Dust, debris, dirt, bugs, and other interactions with your cosplay fabric can cause havoc. You do not want to go into your closet and realize that a moth has caused a hole in your favorite skirt, or there has been discoloration from astain you are sure was not there before. Covering your cosplay outfits means that if accidents do happen, they are less likely to impact your clothes, keeping everything intact.

Dust can also be a problem as if there is enough of it, and it gets into the fabric further enough, it can be extremely difficult to get out – and cosplay outfits are not known for their ease of washing!

If you do find that you need to replace anything, make sure to invest in some quality cosplay supplies and protect them from the get-go.

Keep Everything Together

You might be thrilled that you have located a specific jacket or pair of boots that you need for a last-minute convention. This joy comes to an abrupt halt when you realize two accessories are missing, which are crucial to the overall outfit. Keeping everything together will help lessen the risk of this happening. If you mix and match from different outfits, be sure to replace everything from where it came from, so you know exactly where to look for it when you need it next. Not only does this save you emptying out your whole closet in the pursuit to find the missing item, but it also gives you more time to plan any additional extras or upgrades you might want this time.

Label It

If you are at a cosplay level expert, then there is a good chance that you have heaps of outfits and accessories everywhere. After getting everything together in its rightful places, make sure to label everything, so you do not have to dig up everything in order to find out what is inside. This is particularly useful for those delicate items that need to have additional protective wrapping or need to be put in a storage box to be kept safe. This means you will be able to find everything fast and efficiently, without having to create any unnecessary mess.

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