How to Spruce Up the Main Bedroom


The main bedroom is an important room, but decorating it often gets overlooked in favor of the kitchen, lounge, and dining room. It deserves a little attention, though. After all, it’s where you both begin and end each day! For better mornings and evenings, here’s how to spruce up the main bedroom.

Get New Shutters

First of all, think about the windows. Curtains can look nice, but shutters often look even more stylish and are easier to clean. With the various styles, will find a type to fit the room’s aesthetic. Plus, they are great at keeping the temperature stable and letting little light in, ensuring you don’t wake up too early. For some high-quality, durable window shutters, take a look at Sunburst shutters.

Add Some Plants

Plants add beauty to any room, including the bedroom. If you have some spare floor space, you could place a large standing plant in the room. Or, you could hang some shelves specifically for some smaller plants. Not only do they look fantastic, but many indoor plants help keep the air clean, too! Just remember to water them and provide each plant with the correct amount of sunlight.

Buy Fresh Bedding

The bed is the focal point in the main bedroom. Buying a new bed is expensive, that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it up – buying fresh bedding will do the job! You could also add a dash of color by choosing bright bedding, or you could go for a more muted, classic look with navy or cream bedsheets. Bedding can change the overall look of a room, so choose carefully.

Use Soft Lighting

One source of lighting isn’t enough for the main bedroom. Instead, you want soft, layered lighting that is kind on the eyes. A couple of lamps and wall lights would do the job. Just avoid harsh, downward lighting.

Get a Large Mirror

Mirrors are a great décor addition to a bedroom, especially large ones. As well as looking great, they make the room itself appear bigger. A huge antique mirror would look particularly beautiful.

Install a Dressing Area

Where do you get ready for the day? In front of the bathroom mirror, or perhaps perched at the end of your bed? Instead, install a dressing table in the main bedroom. They are useful, elegant and will give the room a more classic look. There are plenty of different dressing table styles to choose from, from a more modern, Hollywood look to a classic, antique style.

Hang Art

The right art piece can transform any space. You could hang a large painting above the bed, or you could create a gallery wall – or both! Choose art styles and colors that work well with the aesthetic you already have. For example, if you have a more natural décor style going on, you could hang nature-inspired art pieces.

Sprucing up your bedroom is more than worth it, as you’ll wake up each morning in a room you can feel proud of.

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